Sebvest Financial Services forms the managerial and operational core of the group. It is responsible for ensuring the businesses invested in as well as additional third party companies function efficiently and effectively maximizing bottom line profits that are sustainable and follow a strong growth pattern.


It oversees the full financial and managerial functions for SMME’s as well as strategy and growth implementation. Sebvest financial services also leverages its expertise in managing transactional structuring and offers services to ensure your transaction is navigated with excellence with the clients interests always at heart.


Sebvest Financial Services short interval measures, monitoring and management ensure that businesses can be proactive to markets, problems and fluctuations verses reactive on an on going basis, with the same “on the ball” philosophy adapted to navigating you through your merger or acquisition ensuring each workstream is executed in fine detail.


Sebvest Financial Services has 4 services it offers to internal invested companies as well as market businesses. Each service is delivered by an expert team of specialists with the highest level of skills and professionalism.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are transactions in which the ownership of companies or their operating units are transferred or combined. As an aspect of strategic management, M&A can allow enterprises to grow, shrink, and change the nature of their business or competitive position. M&A is a general term that refers to the consolidation of companies or assets and can include a number of different transactions, such as mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, tender offers or purchase of assets.


At Sebvest Financial Services we offer an holistic approach to project managing your M&A transaction from valuation to negotiation, structuring, implementation and signing. Our detailed approach and professional partnerships will ensure you have peace of mind that your businesses best interest is always at the forefront of the transaction.

Business Strategy is the craft of formulating, implementing and evaluating decisions that will enable an organization to achieve its long-term objectives. It is the process of developing policies and plans which are designed to achieve the companies strategized objectives.


Once developed the strategy outlines the allocating of resources to implement the policies and plans, projects and programs. Strategic management seeks to coordinate and integrate the activities of the various functional areas of a business in order to achieve long-term organizational objectives. Strategic management is the highest level of managerial activity, it provides overall direction to the enterprise. According to Arieu (2007), “there is strategic consistency when the actions of an organization are consistent with the expectations of management, and these in turn are with the market and the context.“


Sebvest Financial Services works with the management team to develop a strong robust strategy for the business and walks with the company ensuring it is implemented accurately, effectively and efficiently, achieving long term goals that are sustainable.

Sebvest Financial Services offers various business structuring solutions that are designed from your specific needs. From BEE solutions to offshore structures as well as financial structuring ensuring your debt equity balance is optimum. Each business has it’s own needs and at Sebvest Financial Services we understand that and so assess and build solutions per your business.

In order to ensure the sustainability of the businesses in our investment platform and ensure they are operated at optimum level we have implemented a strong financial and managerial services team.


Sebvest Financial Services offers the full accounting suite to all investment businesses taking over the financial administration function. We do the bookkeeping function taking the records to trial balance as well as SARS submissions, recon’s and debtors and creditors ensuring accuracy inline with GAAP standards. Post this our share service management center steps in and ensures the financial as well as general managerial functions of the business are optimized. With functions such as HR, IT, risk management, working capital management and Financial management at expert levels.