Are you looking for product suppliers, finance, or logistics for your requirement?


Load your requirement, specification, volume, location and price onto the platform and allow potential local and international suppliers from around the world to view your requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does ATP classify a buyer?

A buyer is a company/individual who will be the one paying the stock that they are purchasing.

Does it matter where my location is?

It does not matter where you are situated, all locations are welcome.

What requirements can be loaded onto the platform to sell?

All product requirements are welcome. No illegal products will be tolerated. Niche, low volume products will be more challenging to match than larger commodity-based products.

Is there a minimum or maximum volume allowed?

There are no volume limitations. Sellers in the market have different available volumes they can offer. For an example a macadamia seller in Zambia may have 1000 tons of nuts and will not be interested in a buyer requirement of only 50kg as the logistics would not make sense whereby a local processor may be happy to buy the smaller quantity.

Are we guaranteed to find products or finance?

No you are not guaranteed a transaction will take place. The platform matches trade players to their specific requirements. Even if a seller and buyer are a perfect match external events can still limit a trade from taking place.

What if my price requirement is too low?

If your price is too low, you will not successfully match with sellers in the market place. Indications will also be sent to you on prices bid by various sellers.

How do I know the product is legitimate?

African Trade Platform have a service offering whereby product is inspected and verified to its specification and will confirm volumes.

What currency must I quote in?

All buyers and sellers will quote in $US

How do I apply for finance if trade terms if I cannot pay for the product upfront?

If you have a seller who is not willing to give you payment terms, then an application to the platform will need to be submitted for trade finance. Your application will be shared with many finance institutions around the world who will take a view on whether they would like to offer you finance for the transaction.

What if my company is not geared for imports?

African Trade Platform have internal consultants who can assist buyers with getting their companies ready for export or general trade.

What if my company is not ready from a compliance perspective?

Various products in the market will have different requirements from an import compliance perspective. African Trade Platform will be able to guide the buyer in the right direction.