Corporate Social Investment


African Entrepreneurs Council is an elite Non Profit Organisation that supports entrepreneurial businesses and industrialists on a global scale.

AEC’s mission is to craft opportunities for business dialog that generates improved prospects for entrepreneurs’ long-term contribution to the local, regional and global economy.

AEC’s main objective is the stimulation of a vibrant and fertile business landscape where stakeholders support one another in terms of business advisory, policy advocacy, and skills development in order to grow businesses and boost  Africa’s and the Global economy.

Our focus is to effectively support businesses as well as entrepreneurs. This is achieved by forging partnerships with local and international companies. AEC will further continue to identify opportunities in local and global markets to attain sustainable business and economic growth


AEC is intent on fostering and advocating business related dialogue across all member represented industries. These exchanges and information sharing are to empower corporate organizations and business persons and well as create opportunities for sustainable business growth and expansion.