About Our Group

“It is through harnessing the experience and expertise of strategic partners and knowledgeable, skilled staff members that Sebvest Group and all the companies we encompass, either as subsidiaries or strategic equity investments, continues to grow by deliveries above expected return on investments, consistently over the medium – long term.”


Group Chairman & President

Sebvest Capital Partners, an integrated financial services group that is geared to advance growth to businesses with intention to achieve their desired goals. Sebvest Capital Partners provides innovative financial solutions throughout the world.


Sebvest Capital Partners core processes are : 1: Investment  |  2: Transaction  3: Sustainability


As a group, Sebvest Capital Partners focuses on high income and capital yielding opportunities in stable but growing sectors of the global economy. We invest into companies that have a proven track record, exceptional management and a strong robust growth strategy. We take great pride in the transaction arm of our process. Our investment experience and track record of success, we successfully project manage mergers, acquisitions and investment structuring, from concept through to due diligence and finally to signing, not only internally but for external businesses with this need as well.


Long term sustainability of our investments forms the foundation of our success. With our shared services center we ensure managerial and financial oversight of all investments, providing strategy and business assistance from HR to Accounting to IT for all companies on the platform. We take pride in how we provide innovative solutions to real problems and look for partnerships with businesses who are at the forefront of change in the market place.


Our Ethos
Sebvest Capital Partners carries an ethos to consciously contribute to socioeconomic and economic development and aspires to be a global game changer whose profit investment has a positive social impact. Our innovative thinking is to combine profit making mechanisms and successful ROI’s with social levers that impact a micro level change.