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Welcome to ARIA




Whether you require access to the rail industry market, or assistance with navigating the rail compliance landscape.

The African Rail Industry Association is the pre-eminent body in South Africa representing the players in the railway industry. We believe that a stronger and united railways industry has the potential to grow the sector and propel railways to play their rightful role as a mode of choice.

What We Do




The African Rail Industry Association (ARIA) is a representative of companies that are Original Equipment Manufacturers, Rail operators, or Rail Services Companies in the rail sector associated industries. It is a fully-fledged Export Council acknowledged and supported by the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition. The Export Council is committed to creating opportunities for the South African industry on the continent and globally.

Business Day Dialogues in association with ARIA

Support Third Party Access

Complete the Third-Party Rail Access Endorsement Form – ARIA will submit endorsements to the Department of Transport

Interested in working with ARIA?

We are open to strategic partnerships that will help us forge a path to a greater and connected African Rail Network.


As an advocacy group, ARIA makes every effort to relay the rail industry’s concerns for consideration.

Export Promotion

The Government created Export Councils to improve communication and co-operation within.


Our role is to enhance the reputation of rail as a safe, competitive, and environmentally friendly means of transport.